Monday, 31 October 2011

Editorial progress.

We've been given 3 articles to illustrate. Been having trouble finding solutions that both work and look nice at the moment, but after a lot of digging I seem to have unearthed some things that may work. Apparently, i'm not as sharp as I was in the first year.

This is the plan for the How to be...Conceited article. The face to the right is meant to go inbetween his hands, and the profile of a person is to be turned into a pattern for the background.

This piece has caused a lot of design-trouble. Finally got the composition mostly sussed. Getting a sailor jerry style tattoo onto a body, and keeping both the body and tattoo large enough was tricky. Eventually settled on this superman-esque pose of a CTRL (or should that be command) + Z chest piece.
Final (and first) idea that i came up with while working on the SPAM ad. I've fixed the previous hand issues, but if I have enough time left after the first two, I may run with another idea for this. We shall see.

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